Lewis Childs

About Lewis Childs

Lewis is a songwriter, performer, educator and recording engineer based in Portland, Oregon.

Born in Los Angeles, California he started playing electric guitar at the age of 13 and would go on to study musical theater at Cuesta College, and vocal performance at the U of O school of Music.

He has performed in eleven different countries and has taught workshops at colleges and educational institutions throughout the Pacific Northwest.

He has worked with many artists including harmonica virtuoso Joe Powers, Márcio daLari (Brazilian Master of Percussion), Maggie Wheeler (actress and singer known for her work on the popular T.V. show “Friends”), Galen Clark (Trio Subtonic) and Robin Jackson (Singer-Songwriter and musician extraordinaire).

Always learning, he is currently studying music production with Martin D. Fowler (composer & multi-instrumentalist who produces music for film, advertisements, & podcasts, and performs with the NYC based Arthur Moon).

Lewis Childs is also the founder of Groundswell Studios, his most recent recording is called, “End of the Line.”

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